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One could easily align the color of each of the seven rooms in Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" parking albert dock the seven deadly sins. (This being said, remember that reader-response is how one aligns imagery with other ideas. Later on in the scene, of course. The true situation of their relationship is revealed as John Proctor finally responds to his wife's silent accusations: Spare me. In an early essay on dramatic theory, John Galsworthy stated that the playwrights best and most honest approach is to present to his audience the true picture of life as he sees it, without fear or favor, and let the audience draw its own conclusions. Big Nurse is precise, efficient, and machine-like (the values of pragmatic technology), while McMurphy is associated with wild geese and other elements of nature. When Jack and Ennis deny their homosexuality, they mean it. Here is the simplicity of the situation: My parents were vaccinated; I was vaccinated; my child was vaccinated; my grandchild has been vaccinated.